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Organizational Culture and Bullying Project

This project aims to investigate organizational culture in Bangladesh and Australia (see also cross national restorative justice research project). In particular, it seeks to understand the effectiveness of restorative justice principles in organizations like families, schools and workplaces that can bring justice and peace in people's lives. Key ideas that are being investigated in response to wrongdoing (such as school bullying, workplace bullying) are:

  • Processes of regulation (eg. shaming, forgiveness and reconciliation)
  • Management of shame (eg. shame acknowledgment, shame displacement)
  • Management of pride (humble pride and narcissistic pride)
  • Organizational connectedness
  • Organisational justice (eg. procedural justice, interactional justice)

Key publications

Ahmed, E. & Braithwaite, J.
Shame, pride and workplace bullying. In S. Karstedt, I. Loader and H. Strang (eds), Emotions, Crime and Justice Hart Publishing (forthcoming).

Ahmed, E. & Braithwaite, J.
Shaming, Shame, Forgiveness and Bullying. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 38(3) 2005: 298-323.

Ahmed, E. & Braithwaite, V.
Shame management, forgiveness and reconciliation: Three key variables in reducing school bullying.  Journal of Social Issues 62(2) 2006: 347-370.




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