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Cross-National School Behavior Research Project

An international study (Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Israel, Italy, and South Africa) to address bystander behavior, specifically how bystanders can be empowered so they can come forward to fight against bullying. For details, contact Professor Ken Rigby at the University of South Australia (

Key publications

Ahmed, E.
Pastoral care to regulate school bullying: Shame management among bystanders Pastoral Care in Education, 23(2) 2005: 23-29.

Ahmed, E.
Bystander intervention: School engagement versus shame management. In Proceedings of the International Society for Research on Aggression Conference, Santorini, Greece. September 18-22, 2004. Printing House of the Abo Akademi University, Finland. (in press)

Ahmed, E.
'Stop it, that's enough': Bystander intervention and its relationship to school connectedness and shame management. (submitted)




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