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Cross National Restorative Justice Research Project

The Centre for Restorative Justice is currently working in partnership with several universities, led by Toyo University in Tokyo, on a comparative study of restorative justice in Australia and Japan. There are two main aims of this study. The first aim of the research will be undertaken in Japan only. Towards the end of 2001 the Japanese research team will be surveying the views of victims of serious crimes, offenders who have committed serious crimes and various professional groups involved in the criminal justice system towards the possible introduction of restorative justice into the criminal justice system. Representatives of each of these groups will be shown videos of restorative processes used in criminal justice systems outside of Japan, such as Family Group Conferencing from New Zealand, Diversionary Conferencing as used in Canberra, and mediation as used in the United Kingdom. Questionnaires will then be used to sample the views of Japanese victims, offenders and practitioners towards these processes.

The second aspect of this research will involve sampling the views of the Japanese and Australian public about what the aims of criminal justice policy should be, public support for the principles underpinning restorative processes, and how successful they consider the current criminal justice systems of Japan and Australia to be.

For more information on this project contact John.Braithwaite on

Key publication

Ahmed, E. & Braithwaite, J.
A threatened identity and workplace bullying. (in progress)




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