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Tax Snaps presents CTSI's most recent statistics on what Australians think about tax matters. In our survey work, where we contact random samples of Australians, we often find views that are a little different from those we commonly hear about in the media. These are the views that we select as a Tax Snap.



January 2003

New tax system; tax evasion; being in step; interesting facts
(pdf version)

April 2003

GST; fair shares; tax reduction; cash economy
(pdf version)

June 2003

Paying taxes
(pdf version)

August 2003

Tax scheme investors
(pdf version)

October 2003

Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS)
(pdf version)

January 2004

From the Australian Tax System Survey of Tax Scheme Investors (2002)
(pdf version)

October 2006 From the How Fair, How Effective Survey - Tax cuts; trust in the ATO
(pdf version)



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