Centre for Tax System Integrity

Postgraduate Program

The Centre supports a number of postgraduate students working on a diverse range of topics which fall under the broad umbrella of how regulation impacts on social and personal well-being, and how individuals are able to resist regulatory pressures to comply.

Despite the primary funding contract for the centre finishing in July 2005, Centre staff will continue to analyse the data sets that they have collected over the past 6 years (see research projects and surveys).

Anyone interested in joining our postgraduate research program is invited to contact:

Professor Valerie Braithwaite
Regulatory Institutions Network
Coombs Building Extension (8)
Canberra ACT 0200


CTSI PhD Students and Thesis Topics

Janine Bush
Crisis of moral authority. The Ladies Benevolent Societies in the Victorian welfare field, 1920-1939.
PhD awarded May 2003

Sophie Cartwright
The deregulation of the tobacco industry in Australia and the rise of chop-chop: a community study
PhD awarded Dec 2011   pdf version

Carla Day
The effects of rules and principle-based strategies on employee compliance with organisational codes of conduct
PhD awarded 2007   pdf version

Simon Finley
Social Groups in Times of Change: The Impact of a Threatened Identity
PhD awarded October 2006   pdf version

Jenny Job
Ripples of trust: Reconciling rational and relational accounts of the source of trust
PhD awarded 2007  pdf version

Helene Shin
Institutional Safe Space and Shame Management in Workplace Bullying
PhD awarded May 2006   pdf version

Jacqueline Homel
Lives after school: Continuity and change in young people's experiences of victimisation
PhD awarded Dec 2009   pdf version

Jodie Houston
Finders, keepers: the problem of regulation in the fossil world

Trevor Sutton
The social, psychological and economic factors influencing compliance with child support

Lin Mei Tan
Toward an understanding of tax practitioners' role in tax compliance: expectations, identities and behaviours
PhD awarded Dec 2009   pdf version

Elea Wurth
Tax agents: Opinions, attitudes and return preparation
PhD awarded Dec 2012   pdf version


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