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The Centre has funded a number of senior academics as either Adjunct Professors, Research Affiliates or Visiting Fellows where their interests coincided with ongoing projects. The Centre has also had a number of Program Visitors and visiting scholars who were undertaking research of relevance to the Centre.

Name and home institution

Appointment and
period of visit

Research topic

Ms Julie Ashby
University of Exeter, UK

PhD scholar
Ferbuary-March 2005

Taxation compliance in small business

Dr Lars Feld
Philipps-Universitat, Marburg, Germany
Short CV

Visiting Fellow
July 2003

Tax evasion and taxpayers' treatment by tax administrations
see pdf version of conference paper

Professor Bruno Frey

Program Visitor
December 2001

Tax paying and tax evading

Professor Gil Geis
Criminology, Law and Society, School of Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine, USA
(Biographical note) (CV)

Program Visitor
September - November 2002

The illegal tobacco trade in Australia
see pdf version of RegNet Occasional Paper 2

Professor Bernd Genser
University of Konstanz, Germany

Visiting Fellow
Nov 2000 - 28 Jan 2001

Corporate income taxation in the European Union
see pdf version of Working Paper 17

Dr Simon James
University of Exeter, UK

Program Visitor
(jointly with
Faculty of Economics & Commerce)
April/May 2003

Community Hopes Fears and Actions Survey

Professor Erich Kirchler
University of Vienna, Austria

Visiting Fellow
February - April 2005

Tax psychology

Professor Doreen McBarnet
Wolfson College, Oxford University, UK

Visiting Fellow
1 Nov - 12 Dec 2000

Serial bankruptcy among barristers;
Creative compliance
See Working Paper 18
pdf full version

Professor Lillian Mills
Eller College of Business and Public Administration, University of Arizona, USA

Program visitor
16 - 19 July 2002

Trends in book-tax income and balance sheet differences
see pdf version of workshop paper

Dr Margit Osterloh
Institute for Research in Business Administration, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Visiting Fellow
1 - 22 Dec 2001

The application of the politico-economic theory of common pool resources to the theory of the firm and organisation theory

Professor Tong Hee Park
Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea

Visiting Fellow
Jan 2001 - Feb 2002

Trust in the public sector

Ms Sheila Pham
University of Sydney

Vacation scholar

What taxpayers expect of the tax system

Professor Sol Picciotto
Lancaster University Law School, UK

Visiting Fellow
Feb/March 2004

International business regulation and taxation
see pdf version of workshop paper

Professor Henry Pontell
Criminology, Law and Society, School of Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine, USA
(Biographical note)  (CV)

Program Visitor
Septenber - November 2002

Reducing identity fraud in the Australian taxation system
see pdf version of workshop paper

Professor Friedrich Schneider
Department of Economics, Institute of Economic Policy, Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria

Visiting Fellow
30 Jan - 18 Feb 2001
Program visitor
15 - 23 July 2002

Cash economy: Individual behaviour in Australia's shadow economy: facts, empirical findings and some mysteries
see pdf version of Working Paper 19

The value added of underground activities: size and measurement of the shadow economies of 110 countries all over the world.
see pdf version of workshop paper

Dr Jason Sharman
University of Sydney

Program Visitor
January/February 2005

Global governance of tax and financial services

Professor Neal Shover
University of Tennessee, USA

Visiting Fellow
6-17 December 1999
13-21 Aug 1999
26 May - 10 Jun 2000

Tax compliance in the building and construction Industry
See Working Paper 15
see pdf version of Working Paper 15

Ms Ines Thielmann
University of Trier, Germany

PhD scholar
July 2003

Issues of compliance and perceptions of fairness

Dr Benno Torgler
University of Basel, Switzerland

Program Visitor
July 2003

Tax morale in Latin America
see pdf version of conference paper

Professor Tom Tyler
New York University, USA

Adjunct Professor
29 Nov - 10 Dec 2000

Why people obey the law
(see pdf version of Working Paper 16)

Professor Paul Webley

Program Visitor
December 2001

VAT compliance



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